Dark Circles Treatment

Dark Circles

Dark circles will make a person look older as compared to the wrinkles or gray skin. The skin near the eye is very delicate. There are different factors that range from allergies to the mental stress that can easily affect the part of the skin to produce dark circles.


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Identification of Dark Circles

Broken blood vessels present under the eyelid causes dark circles under the eye. To get rid of dark circles, this makes you appear tired or fatigued all the time and make you look older. This can hinder your personal and professional life so dark circle treatment becomes essential.

Non-Surgical Treatment

Non-surgical treatment includes the use of an injectable filter such as Juvaderm or Restylane that contain hyaluronic acid. For ensuring comfort, a topical anesthetic is applied prior to the procedure. The filler is injected to raise and level the hollowed area so that shadows can be eliminated.


Worried about the treatment of prominent dark circles? Blepharoplasty involves making an incision in the eyelid for removing or reposition tissue for the removal of dark circles or bags. Get treatment done by the experts by getting in touch with Signature Skin Care for the best treatment at an affordable price range.

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